Slipcasting - a set of porcelain liquor ware for Baijiu. 
Baijiu, also known as Shaojiu, usually has high alcohol content and needs to be filled in a small porcelain bottle and then poured into small cups. Every small sip of Baijiu is crisp and intense, like the crisp euphonic birds' sound in the pale dawn light, stimulates the sensory. 
JoJo (啾啾) is the humming sound of birds, which is also the design inspiration. I hope the joyful bird character on the flask and cup will levitate the Baijiu drinking experience.
Blue foam & 3D Print    •    Plaster mold making
Plaster molds    •    Slip casting       
Slip (Greenware)    •    Bisque                   
Greenware  vs.  Glazed piece after kiln firing
( 15% shrinkage )
Warning: Excessive drinking is harmful to health!
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